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Most links below open a pdf document (containing "QSF strings") in a new window or tab. (I am working on a less cumbersome way to share played game scores and other material.) You need the Quincala Software to load and replay game scores and example strings. This is done by simply copying and importing (by pressing the Paste button) the specific "QSF strings" into the software.

Notation system

A draft system for notating Quincala game scores

Rules Sheets

The following links open the rules sheets (pdf) for the three tested Quincala versions, in a new window or tab:

Knocking Game for Mini Quincala board (Tournament 2010 rules)
- currently under review, see the Fortress Challenge document

Classic Game for Big Quincala board (Tournament 2009 rules, slightly simplified)

Other variants, obsolete or experimental


The following links open a document in pdf format in a new window or tab:

Game Scores

Apart from finding that unbeatable strategy, sending me real life game scores is one of the most helpful things you can do. Below are links to game scores of played Quincala matches. For all collected scores to date, download a

Zip archive of collected game scores for all Quincala variants

or look below for pdf files of smaller collections of Mini Quincala scores:

Mini Quincala Knocking Game Scores (Tournament 2010 rules only)